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This black 12" vinyl features the songs from our album "Tales from the Self-Help Section." Art designed by Brian Manley, and photography by Miguel Emmanuelli, this record comes in a dust sleeve, and includes a lyrics insert.

Tales from the Self-Help Section: LP

  • Flagship Romance's second full-length album, "Tales from the Self-Help Section" on 12" vinyl (includes a lyrics insert!).

    Songs written by Shawn Fisher & Jordyn Jackson
    Producer/Engineer - Lucio Rubino
    Recorded at the Fish Tank Recordings (St. Augustine, FL)
    Mixing Engineer - Shawn Grove (Bear, DE)
    Mastering Engineer - Jeff Lipton (Boston, MA)
    Assistant Mastering Engineer - Maria Rice (Boston, MA)
    Album Cover Photo - Miguel Emmanuelli
    Album Artwork/Design - Brian Manley (Atlanta, GA)

    Includes songs:

    1. Friends
    2. Growing Up So Fast
    3. Lemonade
    4. Caught Up
    5. If I Can't Break Your Heart
    6. Naive
    7. Scare Yourself
    8. Garden
    9. Life is a Song
    10. Big Sur
    11. Buddha's Backyard (feat. En Power & Light)
    12. Nemesis

    Released August 4, 2017

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