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Flagship Romance "The Fudge Sessions" - debut EP

The Fudge Sessions: CD

  • Flagship Romance "The Fudge Sessions" - debut EP

    "The Fudge Sessions" was recorded in the Garden District of New Orleans, LA, at Fudge Recording Studios between July 23rd-27th of 2012.

    Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson (Flagship Romance) walked into the studio with 5 songs that were only acoustic in nature. However, after assembling an amazing team of young, local musicians, their songs began to take on a life of their own.All of the instruments were recorded live at the same time in order to give the listener the feeling of being in the studio with the duo.credits

    EP Producer: Jack Miele
    Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin: Shawn Fisher
    Vocals: Jordyn Jackson
    Drums: Chris Arceneaux
    Piano, B3, Rhodes: Beau St. Pierre
    Electric Guitar, 12-String, Slide, Bass, Percussion: Jack Miele
    Mixed by Shawn Grove at Jan Smith Studios (Atlanta, GA)
    Mastered by Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering (Boston, MA)
    Album Cover Photo - Kurt Hudson
    Album Artwork/Design - Brian Manley (Atlanta, GA)

    Includes songs:

    1. Hit the Ground
    2. Treason
    3. World of Color
    4. Set You Free
    5. Hypnotized

    Released January 19, 2013 • Running time: 17 min 48 sec

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